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Automated addition of dry chemicals?


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Nov 5, 2022
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Howell, Mi
Does anybody have any automation for adding dry chemicals to their tanks? Particularly CaSO4 and MgSO4, but dry macro and micro also.
This is probably the last thing that isn't automatic on my system and I don't have a solution in mind yet that I think would work.
I don't know of anything. May I ask why you are looking to add the chemicals dry? Wouldn't a solution with a doser do the same thing?
CaSO4 doesn't go into solution in a concentration very well. I even tried with a stirrer to keep it in suspension but didn't seem like a good method. The MgSO4 mixes okay and could be dosed.
I see. I always just front load Ca and Mg after a water change so I mix them into solution. As I'm using tap water now, I'm not even adding Ca. Just Mg which makes it easier.
I use RO water (my well water is terrible) so I have to add both Ca and Mg. My system does an automatic water change every 3rd day. Normally I'm home and I just add Ca and Mg to my RO storage prior to the next change. But if I'm out of town I can't do that and don't have a "fish sitter" that would do that. If I miss one time, it's not a big shift in parameters, but I'm planning a couple weeks away early next year.
I'm heading out for two weeks today and this is also an issue for me. I've changed plenty of water this week in the hopes of keeping things relatively stable for a couple of weeks.

Ever thought of not doing the water changes while you're away? This may be less of an issue than RO water without remineralization.
I love the creativity. Maybe @Dennis Wong has thought about this and come up with a solution?

Maybe a large solution container that would better allow for the CaSO4 to go easier into solution?
Not the best option but you could play around with automatic fish feeders and measure multiple times to get a good idea of the margin of error and go from there.
Not the best option but you could play around with automatic fish feeders and measure multiple times to get a good idea of the margin of error and go from there.
That's is what I'm going to try. I ordered one last week. I should have my feeder in another week or so...you never know. It might just work..
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