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Are you thinking about summer vacation already?


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    Oct 29, 2022
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    Miami, FL
    It's getting colder. Are you thinking of next summer's vacation already??

    Maybe our virtual snow will come back for you! ;)

    This reply is not related to the summer but rather to the current winter in the northern hemisphere; just knew a couple of days ago that some europeans think to spend their winter in Egypt (and probably other countries in the MiddleEast) as spending the time over here will be cheaper than paying the electricity bills in their countries because of the current prices

    Advertising for Egypt now, think about spending some time in Egypt, because of the current USD forex price and inflation it would be a very cheap vacation ;)

    I can give you free recommendations whether during summer or winter

    Egypt's North Coast is very good during summer, just the white sand and clear sea water with a very good weather for a relaxing vacation

    Hurghada is another good option for both summer and winter, mainly for those who love scuba diving and snorkelling in the red sea

    And of course upper Egypt for its very warm weather in winter and for all the Egyptian monuments
    Wow! My wife and I were talking not too long ago about wanting to visit Egypt. We were thinking the monuments but I had no idea how beautiful the beaches are!