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Are you thankful for the help from another aquarist?

Are you thankful for the help from another aquarist?

  • I have one or two mentors where I get most of my aquarium advice. (Please shout out to them below)

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  • I have a few people that I trust for aquarium advice. (Please shout out to them below)

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • I look to the entire planted aquarium community for advice.

    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • I figure it out all by myself.

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  • Other (please explain in the thread below).

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  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    Catch someone being nice or doing good and then let us know!

    ScapeCrunch is a great place to come for answers and to support others who are working through challenges with their tanks.

    Feel free to tell us about a hobbyist that you are thankful for their help or share a link where you noticed someone being helpful to you or to someone else.

    From the AGA 2022 Chicago Convention:

    Great question Art. One of the greatest things about this hobby is the sense of community. Most everyone I know is generous with their time, happy to share their experiences, and more than willing to help others.

    The problem for me is trying to narrow down a list. I've been helped by so many I am afraid I would miss some.

    But in the spirit of the post I'll start with one. My friend Joe Harvey (@Burr740). Since the day I decided to go really high tech I've been sharing ideas with Joe and can't tell you how much help it's been. I've been telling Joe if I met him in person I was going to buy him a nice Scotch to thank him. So glad I finally got the chance.

    Here's a pic of us finally getting to meet each other in person at the AGA Convention. This picture was taken by another friend who has helped me tremendously and whose advice I listen very closely to, Vin Kutty.

    And that just scratches the surface of the number of people that I admire and share ideas with. The people in this hobby are the best!!

    I'm going to keep this one going through Thanksgiving because all of us need to be grateful for those that have helped us along the way.

    I too have SO many over the years. Let me try to list them and give them a shoutout in the Internet:
    1. Karen Randall - she gave me the opportunity to take over for her as the Aquatic Plants Section Leader at Compuserv. Most of you are too young to remember those days of dial-up Internet and having to log on through a few services. I learned so much from her and she is a wonderful person who has done so much for the hobby. She doesn't get enough credit.
    2. Paul Krombholz (RIP) - who patiently mentored and put up with me in the early days of APC. He was always a great supporter and friend.
    3. Jurijs Jutjajevs and Jerry Jobe (@shopaquariumfish.com) - who were instrumental in the development of The ScapeFu Podcast. Their partnership allowed us to put out quite a few episodes and I enjoyed every bit of it.
    4. Tom Barr (@plantbrain) - for getting us out of the focus on phosphate and telling us to focus on healthy plants first. He has singlehandedly saved millions of plants around the world with his teachings.
    5. Gregg Zydeck (@GreggZ) - for his willingness to give back to the community and for always having such a great attitude. ScapeCrunch would not be online without him
    I can go on and on.
    I've been following @GreggZ comments on social media for about 18 months now. There was, and still is, something about the pictures of his planted tank that has captured my complete attention every time.

    Being fairly new into the hobby, I've been hesitant at times contacting Gregg with my newbie questions, but when I have he's always responded to me, and I greatly appreciate that. I've always valued his respones and help. Thank you Gregg.

    BTW Gregg, I'm close to creating a build thread so you and others in this forum can help me improve and develop more skills in the planted tank hobby.

    Joel 👍
    BTW Gregg, I'm close to creating a build thread so you and others in this forum can help me improve and develop more skills in the planted tank hobby.

    Joel 👍
    Thanks for the kind words Joel, and I am glad our discussions have helped you along the way.

    Definitely start a build thread. It's not only a great way to share, but it documents your progress over time. I find following a build thread is the best way to really understand how people are managing their tanks. It's much different than a fleeting social media post that gets lost in a few hours. A build thread has a sense of permanence, and is still the best way to have meaningful discussions about the hobby.
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