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Any good threads/topics out there that we can bring here?


Staff member
Founding Member
  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL
    One of the things we are doing at ScapeCrunch is trying to breathe new life to good threads, topics and discussions. We’ve all been to other sites where a good discussion has, well, gone stale and the valuable information may be lost in pages of posts.

    Are there any of these that you remember that we should start up here?
    Just a thought...
    I assume with this site, you could create something like a "sticky" at the top of specific section?
    Guess I am thinking of an easier way to find info vs searching for something then getting a bunch of various unrelated replies.
    Specific Forums
    • Equipment Discussions
      • (sticky) CO2 for Planted Tanks
        • Regulators (various discussions/thoughts/links)
        • Metering Valves (various discussions/thoughts/links)
        • Flow Meters (discussions/where to find/what to look for)
        • Delivery
          • In Tank (discussions / links)
          • In line (discussions / links)
          • Reactors
            • Cerges (DIY/Vendor links)
            • Rex Griggs (DIY/Vendor links)
    We all have various articles, web links, etc. that we have saved somewhere (pictures?). Would be interesting if all that information could, over time, be organized in such a way that a rookie could click on a sticky, then drill down to find something specific (i.e. regulators) - then read thru threads specifically related to regulators.