News AGA International Aquascaping Contest 2023 now open


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  • Oct 29, 2022
    Miami, FL

    The Aquatic Gardeners Association has announced the start of the AGA International Aquascaping Contest 2023. It's accepting entries through September 10, 2023. This year, they added "ripariums" as a new category. I didn't know what that was. They define it as "an aquascape that is described as a riverbank or shoreline aquascape that incorporates elements from both the paludarium and Wabi Kusa aquascapes."

    Anyone going to enter?
    Planning on it, but like always it's down to the wire.

    The riparium category is interesting, I am excited to see the entries. It does seem awfully similar to a paludarium, though.
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    It does seem awfully similar to a paludarium, though.
    It really does. I guess those that are in the know think they are different enough so that a new category is necessary. We will see what the entries look like later.