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Advice for starting a Local Aquarium Club


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Dec 11, 2022
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NS, Canada
I'll keep this brief.... My entire region has limted to no freshwater aquarium clubs and consists of a sea of countless people perpetually stuck in beginner mode. Any advice on how to get started with forming a registered Aquarium club to hopefully make the slow climb to propel or help elevate my local community? FB groups are one thing, but a structured club is something sorely missed. Any suggested reading material, links, wisdom or advice would be much appreciated!
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Hi Dale,

I feel ya. The same is the case with many places. Miami, where I am, also is lacking in this area.

While not specifically about a planted aquarium club, this article on MASNA is pretty good and could be useful.
It always helps having the backing of one or several aquatic related stores in the area. At 1st I'd say more of an impromtu thing like a bbq and talk about plants etc. Once you get a few steady friends / people coming regularly make it more formal with talks or speakers etc.