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A little swamped at the moment


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    Oct 29, 2022
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    Miami, FL
    Hi all,

    I trust you’re doing well and I hope at least some of you are still sticking to those New Year resolutions. Quick update on my whereabouts. No, I’m not in jail but thank you for asking.

    I’ve been a bit MIA lately. Some of the reasons include:
    • Work travel
    • Daughter getting married and moving to a new place
    • Kicking off some projects at work
    • Sheer exhaustion when I’m home
    I’m recovering and should be more present (at least on the front end of ScapeCrunch) soon. There’s a lot going on on the back end of ScapeCrunch (you know, behind the scenes):
    • Two platform updates
    • About 10 add on updates
    • A style update
    • Getting the 2hr Aquarist winners’ prizes out to them
    • I have about 25 stickers to mail out (if you want one, please let me know - I’m mailing worldwide so doesn’t matter where you are)
    • Trying to get a planted aquarium podcast off the ground
    • Oh, making sure I stay in front of algae issues with my tank
    Bit of a pointless rant, sorry. I just miss being able to chat with you all.

    Speak soon,

    Hey, you guys are awesome. Thank you so much for making me feel better!
    Ohhhhhh I’d love the podcast revival. Don’t even make a new one just build on the previous one, is that possible?
    Hey thank you! I thought about re-starting ScapeFu but I feel it is better to do a new podcast given the different take and time.

    When I was originally doing ScapeFu, most people didn't know what a podcast was and had no clue how to download and listen to them. Now most people listen to at least one podcast and have a podcast app on their phones. Facebook and YouTube have also increased the amount of available knowledge on setting up and maintaining a planted aquarium. I don't think there is a need for a "how-to" planted aquarium podcast anymore.

    Thanks to Jurijs, all of the old ScapeFu episodes still live on the Internet for those that care to listen to them. The aim of the new podcast is to entertain someone that maintains a planted aquarium. We are trying to have multiple co-hosts to keep the conversation interesting and fun. Yes, some planted aquarium technical stuff is discussed, but in a fun way.

    My hope is that the community will get to know and like the co-hosts, along with the conversations, and want to listen once a week while they do their weekly water changes. I know I put on a podcast while I'm changing water and trimming. I hope others do too.

    Oh, and given technological advances, we will be able to have a studio audience live when we record. They will even be able to ask question for the co-hosts and we will answer live. However, we don't anticipate a live stream at this time given our global community. Also, audio only.