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Build Thread 150G Low Tech Build


New Member
Dec 10, 2022
Hi All,

Just joined and decided to post a few details of a display tank I started setting up a couple months ago.

I’ve kept a few smaller dirted tanks for 1-2 years and finally got a 5’ display tank for the house. It is a lightly used Red Sea Reefer 625XXL. The light that came with it is a Reefbreeder 50.

Converted the sump to freshwater with a bunch of Poret and replaced the filter socks with matrix .

Main plants are Crypt spirals and wendtii. Spiralis is putting on nice growth, some are pushing 16”- 18” tall and just added a half dozen more to round out the planting. Crypt wendtii starting to fill in nicely too, going for a carpet of it. Have some val along the side and back left corner but Val isn’t putting in much growth at all, very green though, it is in a lower light area. Aponogeton crispus (2), the one directly under the light is growing well (14”) but the one In The back is only 4” tall. The lone sword is starting to grow nicely too. Java fern all over the mopani. A Tiger lotus took off nicely, just moved it to the front and there were 3 plantlets.

No algae growth so far, been Doing 50% water changes weekly so far nitrates havent been over 5-10 ppm, been dosing 8-10 pumps of easy green every water change and phosphates are 0.5 - 1 ppm whenever I measure. (Not sure if this is the right measuring stick for this, but just trying to keep phosphates under 1 and was hoping for nitrates a little higher)

Stocking is:
24 Odessa barbs that have put on some nice growth, starting to show hints of color, can’t tell males and females apart yet.
6 Pearl gourami are coloring up nicely.
11 very young Boesmani rainbows
4 bristlenose


  • 18B263DA-C5A9-4893-B71B-75803C5F46D5.jpeg
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  • 0C13B07E-9468-4E9B-B40D-64E6B8DBBDE9.jpeg
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Hi and thanks for posting this. Why don't you get yourself a Build Thread badge for it?

Few comments for you:
  • So I love the simplicity of your aquascape. I remember using the same wood in one of mine. I really love how old the wood will become with a little age in the aquarium. Mine looked great with moss on it. Easy to do with super glue if you want to try.
  • Is the tank dirted?
  • Love that you converted the sump. You're going to love it. Much better than canisters in my opinion.
  • With all due respect to Cory, I'm not a huge fan of Easy Green. I think a more complete fertilizer may be better for you but I would need to know what your substrate has before recommending anything. Crypts are heavy root feeders but slow growers.
  • What test kits are you using?
Thanks! I used pool filter sand. I forgot to add that Ive added root tabs throughout the crypts and vals (which is the whole tank!)

I use the API test kit, gH and kH are I. The 3-4 range.

I’m definitely open and appreciate and tips/suggestions!
if that front seam on that tank is not supported it WILL leak/split/fail.

below is 15+ pages of many many failed red sea tanks.

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