Build Thread 1000 Gallon High Tech Planted Tank

Another day of maintenance today. Plants are growing well and the Fe deficiency is for the most part gone. Here are some above tank shots of the plants condition.





Two of the swords are shooting out flower stocks which is pretty cool.


I also added a little frogbit ring to use as a nutrient deficiency indicator.

There is a bit of black beard returning on the rockwork but none currently on plants, hopefully it stays that way. Though when we get livestock I'm sure some will get eaten. I've also found a few giant strands of green hair algae growing from decaying emerged growth. Hopefully just part of a new tank. No sign of it spreading. The diatoms are subsiding, possibly due the exploding snail population. They have no competition for the algae so they're having a blast in there.

I noticed some of the bladder snails look a little different from the ones I'm used to. These look a little translucent. Anyone know the ID for this snail?

Here is a full tank shot of this week.

How many shrimp did you order?
I believe 50 bloody mary shrimp and 15 amano shrimp were ordered. Definitely should have ordered way more but I'm not fully in charge of livestock selection/ordering. They'll fill the tank out anyways in a few months.
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Wow I really enjoy seeing this tank progress.

Looks like things are growing more and more. Can't wait to hear about the trimming/pruning process. I think you have your work cut out for you!
Another weekend of tank maintenance. Tank is doing fine for the most part except for a variety of algae's. Though the most concerning to me was what looks like blue green algae right here in this picture.

I sucked most of it out, I just hope it doesn't spread to plants. From what I've been reading on the forums, no one is completely sure what causes this cyanobacteria. Tom Barr was saying low nitrates causes it?

I tested the nitrates and phosphates using a Hach spectrophotometer at the end of the week right before the weekly 40% water change.
NO3: 3.5 ppm
PO4: 2.4 ppm
KH: 4
GH: 9
Ca: 43.2 ppm
I am front loading macros after WC which doses the following:
NO3 : 8 ppm (40 grams of KNO3)
PO4 : 2 ppm (9 grams of KH2PO4)
K : 11 ppm (34 grams of K2SO4)
Mg: 10 ppm
The interesting thing is I tested the nitrates and phosphates about 24 hrs. after dosing and the nitrates somehow went down even after dosing. NO3: 3 ppm PO4: 3.73 ppm I am not sure what to make of this. The plants don't seem to be indicating nitrogen deficiency, all of the plants are looking very healthy except for a few that are showing Fe deficiency. If you look closely on this rotala you can see the leaves have a pattern of choloris and green.


I'm only really seeing it on a few of these rotala stems in certain areas and a little on the sword.

But as you can see right under the center brace where the light is dimmer the rotala green is looking pretty healthy. I'm considering doing a slow drip of my micros 24/7 to see if this fixes the few spots. I may also consider EDDHSA, it just seems hard to source.

Also noticing a little bit of green spot algae on the acrylic here.

The black beard that was on the rock before has been coming back pretty fast. I noticed some of it looks bicolored, red and blue.


Green hair algae is also growing in a few spots, as well as staghorn.


Should I be concerned with all these algae's? Are they just part of the tank being new? For the most part everything is doing really well so I am just hoping the tank will grow out of this phase.

I was able to reach and attach some pinnatifida on this rock on the right of the tank. I am excited to see it grow and spread on this rock!

The pinnatifida here at the top is spreading some really nice long roots down the rock.


Here are the trimming tongs in action for anyone curious.

Fish will be coming the following week, I am not sure what all was ordered so it will be a surprise! The fish will be in quarantine for a few weeks before being introduced in the tank. I am not sure about the delay on our shrimps.

Here is a full tank shot of this week. People seem to be enjoying the tank based on the handprints lol.
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Looks like we have livestock! I was just sent this picture. Fish will be quarantined for a few weeks, but the snails and shrimps should be getting added today. I'll get to see them on my next maintenance weekend.
This weekend I came to see some shrimps in the tank! Though I only saw like 5... I heard we only got 50 shrimps. The owner made the same comment and said to order 500 more shrimps. So hopefully we get more soon.


I saw the fish we received and I think we got 12 of each... This may change though as the owner will probably want more fish than that lol.

Cyanobacteria patch was starting to come back again, but barely and it was contained to the same area. I sucked it out.

Black beard algae stopped spreading and looks to be dying off, I still am spot treating it just as a precaution. Hair algae and staghorn is about the same as when I saw it last week, not spreading but still coming back in the same spots. I removed most of it and spot treated what I could. I also noticed most of the diatoms are gone now, and is being replaced a tiny amount of prettier green algae.

I took a closer look at plants today and some areas do indeed still have some chlorosis. I have been dosing 0.2 ppm Fe DTPA and 0.4 ppm Fe gluconate weekly split into 7 doses, dosed in the morning. I am a bit confused with this because I felt like this should surely be enough. My kH sits at 4, gH is 8, and pH degassed is about 7.9. Though in the first 2 days after water change its about 7.5 degassed pH and slowly rises to 7.9 by the end of the week. I drop the pH by 1.1 for the photoperiod.

If you look really closely on the rotalas below you can see a subtle pattern of chlorosis and green.


A handful of rotala stems had some transulcent spots in their leaves. This is only on these few.



This bush of rotala green doesn't really have much chlorosis if any.

Ludwigia super red also looking very healthy.

And pretty much all the other plants not in the photos look very healthy.

I went ahead and doubled the gluconate to 0.8 ppm weekly and doubled DTPA to 0.4 weekly. I've been thinking of other solutions however.

As I've said one potential solution is to drip the micros/iron 24/7. I have a 3 liter container that I can add the weekly micros to and slowly drip it in. I would have to add vinegar to the 3 L container to drop the pH in there, but this vinegar should be neglible compared to the total volume of the tank right? I just need to find a valve or something that can add a very precise amount of water since the regular airline tubing ones haven't been very consistent at the very slow drip.

Another thought I had that may be a little crazy is an iron reactor. I haven't thought too much on how to best execute it, but currently I had this.


The idea is basically to add the daily dose of micros/iron powder to the container ewithout mixing it and slowly pass water through it to very slowly dissolve it and add it to the tank. I would cover it from light to keep it from degrading. I just don't know if the iron will precipate as soon as it dissolves into the "reactor". One thought I had was to inject CO2 in the reactor to keep the pH very low in there. Anyone have any thoughts on why this wouldn't work, or ideas on how to make it better/work.

Perhaps I'm overthinking and overcomplicating this, hopefully the double iron dose causes improvement.
Edit: I am going to see if I can get an autodoser, this seems like the best solution.

I noticed these two little plants growing on the dead moss we got. I'm guessing they must have come come in the moss? Not sure what they are, but I think this is pretty cool.

Some of the pinnatifida with a small piece of rotala blood red.

Full tank shot of this week. Almost time for trimming those top bushes! The swords are getting massive too.


Here is the tank dimming down.
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