1. Art

    Question of the Day Should we have strict aquascaping styles?

    Aquascaping, as a visual art form, has continued to develop. Like most art, people have a tendency to try to classify it into styles or categories to try and establish some rules on which to judge it. For example, aquascape A is a well-executed, technical representation of the Dutch-style or...
  2. JoeBrunner

    Joe's Fish Room

    I was introduced to the aquarium hobby in the first grade by my teacher, Mrs. McClure. Since then I have started and finished over 200 aquariums. Teri and I just sold our home as well as my 5 established aquariums and moved into a new home. I'll be starting yet another one from scrath as well as...
  3. Art

    The 1 Thing Takashi Amano did that YOU Don't

    Back in 2015, I was thinking about how bad my aquascaping was. I am one of the many that was born without the artistic gene, at least in producing art myself. When I see art (no pun intended :-)) I can certainly appreciate it. But creating is tough for me. So I was staring at the tank and...
  4. OmidNiav


    I'm very new to Dutch scapes when it comes to setting one up but have been reading up and gathering info for a while. Would be interested in sharing ideas and learning techniques especially when in comes to placement and trimming. Anyone interested in Dutch style scaping read the following...