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Explanation of the different substrate types

Explanation of the different substrate types

I am re-studying all the aspects of the planted aquarium before working on my new high tech tank, and accordingly I am trying to watch and collect as many videos related to a specific topic, in this resource I am collecting the best videos talking about the different types of substrate or soil that we can use in our tanks, one important criteria that I am using to select these videos is that I am not adding any videos marketing to a specific product; only adding the videos that explain the topic in a generic way, plus I am not adding any videos from my own channel

1- Very informative video about aquarium substrate by Dennis Wong - in my opinion must watch

2- Green Aqua videos will always be the best, so I am recommending this video by Balazs Farkas as the first one to watch:

3- If you need to understand mode scientific details about the 'Cation Exchange Capacity' of the clay based soils, then you can read this article from university of georgia or watch this video, in simple words this shows that not all substrates can hold nutrients and minerals to be absorbed through the plants' roots

4- Cory from Aquarium Co-Op and although he has his own company that markets for its own products but yet these two videos contained a lot of useful information:

5- After the above 4 videos, there are other quick videos that you might like to watch, these are from different YT channels (Girls Talks Fish, KGTropicals, Prime Time Aquatics & KeepingFish Simple):

Enjoy šŸ 
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