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Activated Carbon – how to use it – tank on fire #3

activated carbon - tank on fire

In episode # 3 of the Tank on Fire podcast, I discussed how best to use activated carbon in an aquarium. Using activated carbon is more than just adding it to your aquarium. It’s important to think about how you’re going to add it, how much and how often will you replace it. Enjoy listening to Tank of Fire episode 3: How to use activated carbon | Tank on Fire episode 3 Transcript...

Carbon in the aquarium – Tank on Fire #2

Carbon in the Aquarium

Carbon in the Aquarium | Tank on Fire Podcast episode 2 Below is the transcript for Carbon in the Aquarium: Good morning, how are you today? Most people listen to this podcast in the morning on their way to work, so I’m going to be in the customer saying good morning and if it’s not morning for you, I do apologize. I wish you the best. Anyway, thank you for listening to Tank on Fire...

Jeff Miotke – an american aquascaper

Jeff Miotke aquascaper

I met Jeff Miotke at the 2015 Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention in beautiful Washington, DC. At the time, he was relatively unknown in the aquascaping community but, when I saw his aquascapes, I was flat out amazed! As I wrote in an interview I did with him in 2016 that became ScapeFu episode 57 – Get to Know Jeff Miotke, “[Jeff] has got talent, determination and focus.”...

art, science and business of aquascaping

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