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Aquascaping practice – tank on fire #5

Aquascaping practice

Aquascaping Practice – Tank on Fire #5 Good morning, this is Art Phnom, and this is the Tank on Fire podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in and spending a few minutes with me talking about planted aquariums in our hobby and aquascaping . I hope you’re enjoying it. I am very thankful and appreciative that you’ve chosen to listen today. I thought we should talk a little bit...

Xiaozhuang “Dennis” Wong – the 2hr aquarist

Dennis Wong

Dennis Wong burst onto the global planted aquarium and aquascaping scene from out of nowhere. He did it by releasing his content-packed website, 2hr Aquarist, which is one of the best online resources out there for the planted aquarium hobbyist. Just by going through his website, you can already get a feel for Dennis Wong’s mind. He’s meticulous, a careful and detailed researcher, a...

art, science and business of aquascaping

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