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The Aquascaping Story of Takashi Amano Video

Our friend, Nigel Hoevenaar, has published a beautifully produced video of his 2019 trip to the Nature Aquarium Party and Japan – The Aquascaping Story of Takashi Amano. It’s extremely well done. Serene, contemplative and entertaining. Oh, and he happened to rank 26th in the world that year!

Thanks, Nigel, and congratulations!

Go enjoy it!



Steven Chong – the mind of a competitive aquascaper

Steven Chong is a unique aquascaper. He crosses two (maybe three) cultures and brings this into the melting pot of his mind when it comes to his aquascaping. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Steven. I came away full of confidence that there are young aquascapers out there that share Takashi Amano’s philosophical vision, his rebellious (in a good way) spirit, and who are completely...

Balazs Farkas & Green aqua

“So, I have a friend I was just speaking with that I think we should bring on the show. His name is Balazs.” This is how I first became aware of who Balazs Farkas was. It was just some pre-talking with Jurijs Jutjajevs before hitting the record button for an episodes of The ScapeFu Podcast. It was January 2015 and it turned into ScapeFu Podcast Episode 22: An Interview with Balazs...

Meet Gregg Zydeck – Dutch Inspired good guy

Every hobby, organization or business has someone who people refer to as a really “good guy“. You know the type- humble, always willing to help, great attitude. Gregg Zydeck is that guy for the US planted aquarium hobby. Through Planted Tank (TPT – an online, planted aquarium forum) and Facebook Groups, Gregg has helped hundreds of people grow and remain in the planted aquarium...

Aquascaping – a growing trend

A recent Pet Product News publication featured a discussion on the aquatics industry and why it’s thriving. Even more interesting is the discussion on where some business owners think it’s heading in 2021 especially with regards to planted aquariums and aquascaping. When asked about trends they are seeing now, a group of owners said the following: “Over the last few months, I...

Art of Aquascaping – George Farmer podcast

Our friend and professional aquascaper from the UK has released the first episode of Season 2 of the George Farmer Podcast. It’s entitled, “The Art of Aquascaping“. If you don’t know George Farmer, he’s a pillar in the global aquascaping world and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Always willing to help others and share his vision for a better world...

ScapeCrunch mission

Welcome to ScapeCrunch. This is a humble blog with the simple mission of providing YOU with entertaining and informative stories about the art, science and business of planted aquariums and aquascaping. The format of choice is long-form stories that go deeper than usual. We seek a different, interesting and unique perspective on subjects and, especially, people who contribute to the hobby. Our...

art, science and business of aquascaping

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