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Aquascaping Goals – Tank on Fire #7

Aquascaping Goals | Tank on Fire #7

Hello. Good morning. This is Art Pennom and you’re listening to the tank on fire podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in. And taking some time out of your day to spend with me, you’re chatting about planted aquariums and aquariums in general and how to make them beautiful. You know, I have a friend on Facebook that once he heard the podcast and the way the format that I, that I’m using for this one he called them the tank on fire side chat.

[00:00:28]I think You know, I, I like the idea of just having a chat. You know, as friends over like to think it’s the fire, although I’m in Florida and any type of fire, we have, we, we throw water on it. We don’t need that heat, but I know the rest of the country’s pretty cold. So yeah. Fireside chat is, is a good way of thinking this and kind of the way I’m.

[00:00:50] I hoping that this is coming across for you and that you’re finding some value in it. You know, sometimes you just need a good a friend too that shares their interest in planet aquarium, and you just want to chat and see what comes up. So I’m hoping you’re, you’re taking these podcasts in this way. Today’s Sunday.

[00:01:11] So. Thought we should not get too technical and just relax and, and really think, and maybe think about the softer side of planted aquarium keeping and thinking about goals. I know a lot of people don’t think about goals in most things in life, let alone their aquarium. But I think we’re not most people with planted aquariums where we’re a little passionate about it.

[00:01:38]We try and get in the weeds. It’s more than just an aquarium to us. Right. So calls are important. So let let’s think a little bit about goals and I’ll ask you to think about goals in sort of three ways. And let’s, let’s say it’s three ways plus one. So what do I mean by that? Well, first and foremost, what are your goals with regards to the actual plants in your aquarium?

[00:02:09] Do you have a lot of plants or are you more the Moss and rock person? Are you happy with your plants? Did you really not find the plants that you wanted to put in there and just kind of threw things in, what are your goals? If I have to ask you right now, just think about the plants that you have in your aquarium today.

[00:02:28] What goals do you have? Do you want to add more? Do you want to add less? Do you want to trim butter? Do you want them to look better? That’s that’s one thing and. Like goals in general, they’re going to be more powerful to you if you jot them down. So go ahead, try and find a piece of paper and pencil and jot these down.

[00:02:48] What is your goal for your plant? The plant side, number one plants in your aquarium. Number two, the fauna. What are your goals regarding fish? Shrimp snails, the cleanup crew as we call them. Are you happy with the fish? Do you want more, did you overstock, do you have the right ones? Do you think you kinda messed up on the look?

[00:03:16] They don’t really go with the rest of the Aqua scape. Maybe you’re not fee feeding them that well, you’re just giving him the staple flakes and that’s fine. Could they be better? Could they be healthier? Could they be bigger more colorful should they be schooling as opposed to darting around everywhere?

[00:03:35] Are your algae eaters, actually eating algae? Or are they just knocking things over and creating a general mess? How about your shrimp? Are they doing what they’re supposed to do? Do you have enough of them? Have you lost a few? So what are your goals that you want to. For either figure out or improve with the fish and the fauna in there.

[00:04:04] So that’s number two and number three, you know, it wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t talk about gear. So what are your goals with the game year that you have? Are you happy with it? And by the way, every time you hear that beep. I apologize for it, but I am running a visual timer to make sure I keep these to around 15 minutes.

[00:04:33]It is a daily podcast, so I do need to stretch them folks. And at the same time, I, I think that that is sort of the optimal time for most people. So anyway, circling back gear. Are you happy with it? Are you happy with the size of your aquarium? Most people want bigger. I get it. Some are into getting smaller and doing a nano lorry or a mini.

[00:04:58]Do you want to have another one? I mean, that’s, that’s an issue. I would probably counsel you to limit yourself to one, get that to where you want it to be before you move on to the next one. Because then you will spend trust me as these things sort of grow and, and hold on themselves, you end up with three, four aquariums.

[00:05:17] All of a sudden you’re spending all your time on maintenance rather than truly enjoying anything, slumped the point, but you can certainly upgrade. That may be an issue. How about your lighting? You happy with the lights? Did you make a mistake there because you either didn’t have the money you didn’t plan.

[00:05:34] Well, have you seen something new that’s out there, some cool led that you want to give a shot by the way? I think most people have too much lighting nut, not the other way around when I was starting in this a hobby, the, the issue was trying to get enough light now where it’s the other way. Anyway.

[00:05:52] Interesting. How about filtration? How about fertilizer, maybe your pipes leading into the aquarium. Do you want some something clear or perhaps steel? What else in terms of gear would you want, do you want a Jaquez scaping stool tools, stools? I’m sure there’s Aqua scaping stools, but no. I meant tools.

[00:06:17]Is your stand up to snuff? You know, I did a podcast or maybe it wasn’t a podcast. Maybe it was a blog post on skate boot. Having trouble speaking today, scape Pooh. I’m sure there’s scape as well. I meant scape Fu about not beating your Aqua scape with the ugly stick. Which what I meant to say was don’t ruin a beautiful LACO escape inside of the aquarium with a lot of ugly stuff outside of the aquarium.

[00:06:45] That’s all also all too common. Maybe it’s about organizing what you have outside and your, your cabinet, maybe that’s one of your goals saw beautiful example of a a hobbyist that had I’m telling you the cabinet inside was just as beautiful as the Jaco scape insight. All high-tech all automated no canister filter.

[00:07:07] That’s a bit be with me. It was a sump. Of course, he was a converted reef guy and it takes a converted reef guy to, to know the benefits of a sump over a canister filter when it comes to maintenance. But you know, think about it. So we’ve talked about three things, the plants, what are your goals for this year 2018 regarding the plants in your aquarium?

[00:07:33] What are their goals regarding the fish and the fauna? What are the goals regarding your gear, the gear that you have. And then I said, plus one, that plus one is, I want you to try and think about why, why do you care? Alright, let me, let me explain. There’s somebody that, you know, spouse, kids, parents, Friends that hear you talk about your aquarium, your Aqua escape.

[00:08:16] And they’re like, dude, really? Why it’s a fish tank. So I’m asking you that question. What is it about your ACO scape, this hobby that has your interest today? Why? Why do you care? Why is it more than just a fish tank for you? It’s important for us to think about these things so that we appreciate and deepen our appreciation for what we’re doing here and gets you motivated, gets you passionate.

[00:08:54] It turns your tank into a tank that’s on fire. Hence the name of the podcast. So jot that down somewhere. If you have a log, put it in there, you’re going to refer to it in Alaska to refer to it multiple times throughout the year. I’ll try and remember to do that, but it’s always good to look back and see, did I achieve my goals?

[00:09:19] Do I have a focus this year? What am I after? Why am I even liking this and really understanding these questions? It’s important for us, it’s important for you to develop a deeper level of deeper appreciation for this hobby? Does that make sense? I hope it does. Because I am trying to make sure that you are appreciating these, this hobby.

[00:09:45] You’re, you’re taking things out of it. You’re finding value out of it. And all of the chats that we’re having the tank on fire chat or fireside chat anyway. So let me gave you, like, I am trying to do with a thought. Pretend there’s three stone carvers sitting down, chipping away at stone. And you asked the first one and the first one says, you know what?

[00:10:15] I’m just chipping away at stone. You asked the second one. The second one tells you I’m building a house. You asked the third one and the third one tells you I’m building a cathedral. So my friends. Be the one that’s building a cathedral. Don’t be the one that’s just chipping at stone. Be passionate about what you’re doing.

[00:10:42] Think big about what you’re doing. Build that cathedral. Turn your tank on fire, light your tank on fire. Keep the passion up. Think about why you’re doing it and why you love it. Trust me. You’ll start to enjoy it a lot more. So that’s all I have for you. Today. Please enjoy your Sunday. I wish you the best.

[00:11:08] Thank you for listening again, the best way to listen to this is to download it to your phones. Folks. That way you can be in bed, listening to it. You can be at the gym, listening to it. You can be riding bike, you can be doing your maintenance on, on your aquarium. You can be really anywhere in the car listening listening via the computer.

[00:11:29] Is fine if you’d like to do it, but it’s not optimal, make this easy for you and you’ll enjoy it more downloading into your smartphone is the best way to do it. Go to tank on And I explain there under the the menu button called podcast If you’re there, please sign up for the tank on fire tribe.

[00:11:50]You’ll get a free gift from me, which is the Aqua scaping analysis form. And 30 minute audio. I know a lot of you, I don’t like to subscribe to things, giving your email I promise I’m not going to spam you. I’m not even going to let you know about every podcast that’s coming out. But. It is. I am trying to form a community of people that will be able to share information and really function as a tribe, a tribe that really cares and has fire about their aquariums.

[00:12:20] So while you’re there, please sign up. I appreciate it. And I hope you enjoy the gift. And lastly, as I’ve been talking, if you do use activated carbon and I hope you do the benefits greatly outweigh. Almost anything out there. This really doesn’t strip out nutrients, please consider purchasing from us.

[00:12:40] The HG carbon. It’s the best carbon out there for our aquariums. And we’re selling it at the cheapest price available. It’s half the price of the premium carbon found elsewhere. Eh, as I’ve shared with you in the past [00:12:54] You’ll be supporting the show that we’re using the the proceeds to cover the expense of bringing these podcasts to you and having the site up and it’s great carbon for your aquarium. So it’s a win-win situation. Please support us. I thank you very much and we will chat tomorrow. Have a great Sunday take care.

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Art Pennom

Art Pennom is the founder of where he writes about the world of planted aquariums and aquascaping. In the past, Art founded, and the ScapeFu Podcast.

Art lives in Miami, Florida

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art, science and business of aquascaping

Art Pennom

Art Pennom is the founder of where he writes about the world of planted aquariums and aquascaping. In the past, Art founded, and the ScapeFu Podcast.

Art lives in Miami, Florida

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