art, science and business of aquascaping


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Thank you for reading! ScapeCrunch has a simple goal – to inform and entertain YOU on the incredible world of planted aquariums and aquascaping. Through well-written and thought-provoking interviews, opinion pieces, aquascape deconstructions, and more, we want to earn the right to be your trusted source for anything aquascaping.

New articles are published weekly for your reading pleasure. They will be focused on the art, science and business of aquascaping. In addition, ScapeCrunch will also feature trusted reviews, guides and tutorials that you will find honest, thorough and valuable.

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ScapeCrunch is written by me, Art Pennom. I’ve been in this hobby for more than 30 years, not only as a hobbyist but also in the business. I was the first person to import Aqua Design Amano products into the US, I founded & and was the host of the ScapeFu Podcast. I’m passionate about the planted aquarium hobby and bring that into my writing and reporting.

My Mission

“To inform and entertain readers who are passionate about the planted aquarium and aquascaping hobby.”

art, science and business of aquascaping

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