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Let's see everyone's creations?

75 gal with random plants

Waterbox 120p, mostly random plants as I cover space and try to get my species count down
2x Aquael ultra max 2000 from tommy, eheim skim 350, Walt Landau spray bar, osmolator ATO and forget who makes the reservoir. Alan Le 2x output regulator with swagelok nv's, 1.7 drop. ATI sunpower 6x54w T5HO fixture with powerveg and giesemann bulbs (just posted an update in the bulb combo thread actually lol), 7hr photoperiod. Lots of happy bows and kuhli loaches.
15/8/30 frontload, burrs micros, 3gh/0kh, 80% weekly water change, landen sub. This is the show tank. It's a mess right now because I finished a months long battle with algae and after trimming subpar growth and thinning everything out, waterbox offered me an interview and I had to rush around and get some plants to thicken it up last minute (they only gave me a couple weeks heads up)
Much thanks to @Achi , @Burr740 , @OmidNiav , and @Will Sweigart for the plant rescue packages this past week

ADA 60p, this was an overflow tank for awhile while I was dealing with problems in the 120p, and is now slowly getting back to a legitimate layout.
ADA Aquasky 60 RGB, 7hr photoperiod, ADA stand, diffuser, and ss powerjet filter, oase skim 250. 20/8/30 frontload, burrs micros, 5gh/0kh, weekly 80% wc. Sub is fine grain controsoil

UNS 90L, repurposed as a CO2 supplemented low-tech grow out tanks to sell more common stuff to local hobbyists (not much of a high-energy tank scene around here) but is now a 75% chihiros wrgb2 and 1.0 pH drop tank 😂😂. Recently trimmed everything way back, it's in grow out stage again
Chihiros wrgb2 at 75%, 6hr photoperiod, some cool no name diffuser, CO2 art reg, no filtration; just an AC powerhead with CO2 line ran into it. 5gh, 0kh, 20/8/30 frontload, burrs micros, 80% weekly wc. Sub is large grain controsoil

Little terrarium on auto misters, coolest thing in here is the Christmas moss, some hot buce, and really nice looking ludwigia glandulosa -- this is a near 0 maintenance setup. JCP&P Aquariums light at full blast, 12hr photoperiod, 90% humidity. Top is cheap polycarbonate a local shop cut for me for 2 bucks, tank is oases hydraquatics deal or whatever they're called, this used to be my tank from the AGA 2022 workshop. Sub is Oase scapersoil

I don't have a good spot for this glass rack yet, but while it's hanging out in my hallway I figured I'd throw a light on and get the succulents under it--normal houseplant setup is too much humidity for them. One small Nicrew at full blast, eventually I hope to have panel LEDs above this once it finds its final spot in my house lol

The house plant setup, lots of cool stuff here. This is powered by 2x4ft T5HO bulbs, and 4x4ft barrina T5-led hybrid bulbs, and 3x2ft -Led hybrid bulbs. Real hodgepodge, this was throwing together extra equipment when I found the greenhouse racks themselves for free. The whole system runs at about 80% humidity during a 12hr photoperiod and shuts off at night

Bin #1 for actual bin stuff: coolest things in here are begonia bipinnatifida and that homalomena black velvet 🥵
Straight sphag and osmo+ for substrate, 2x T5-led hybrids, 12hr photoperiod, 90% humidity

Bin #2, the rheophyte bin, and there's a lot of cool stuff in here. Lots of beautiful anubias and buce but of special interest are a 13" contiguous clump of brownie ghost 2011 in perfect shape, and a clump of bucephalandra Nanga silat, of which I am one of two people in the states in possession to my knowledge, and which I think rivals even the hotness of bg11.
Also 12hr photoperiod, 90% humidity, sub is osmo+, pool sand, and eco complete. 2x4ft barrina T5-led hybrid

My original bin, very established in a 20 long aqueon, 12hr photoperiod with one Nicrew at full blast, 90% humidity.
Sub is osmo+, eco complete, pool sand, and a top layer of oase scapersoil.
Coolest thing in here is probably the begonia and some anubias viper from Danny that I haven't seen anywhere else.

And last but not least, a shout out to the 88gal RO storage and water change system that powers all my madness. I need to re run all of this through the floor cutout for the washer/dryer hookup soon, do some math, and get bigger pumps for these so that I can permanently move them to my basement
My 160L/43G after i finally decided where im taking it and now its clean from GDA finally.
i think i will take out the rotalas and make a big bush of myrio
week aqua m90 + 2 spot lights for the monsteras and to light up the backgroud
20/5/20 front loading


this tank is my favorite, for once i had to try a tank that is easy to clean
70L/19G tap water with many guppys and shrimp
front load of 20/5/20, the substrate is inert and i want the hair grass to grow as fast as it can for now.
week aqua L900 for light, using maybe 20% of the power it has

I can't wait to join this club. Hoping to be set up in a few weeks.
Some of my works.

Dimensions: 20x15x15cm - 4 liters or 1 gallon
Lighting: LED 6W
Filtration: Azoo Mignon 60l/h
CO2: Pressurised 1 bubble every 3 seconds thru nano atomizer
Substrate: Gravel 1,5-2,5mm, sand
Hardscape: Dragon stones
Fertilization: PPS pro, Easy carbo
Plants: Fissidens fox, Riccardia graeffei
Fish/shrimps: Boraras micros, Black bee shrimps




Dimensions: 20x15x15cm - 4 liters or 1 gallon
Lighting: Chihiros Wabi kusa LED 13.5W
Filtration: DIY nano canister
CO2: Pressurised 1 bubble every 2 seconds thru nano glass diffuser
Substrate: ADA Aquasoil Amazonia
Hardscape: Seiryu stones
Fertilization: PPS pro, Easy carbo
Plants: Hemianthus sp. 'Amano pearl grass', Riccardia chamedryfolia, Anubias sp. 'Pangolino'
Fish/shrimps: Boraras micros, Neocaridina heteropoda var. 'Red', Leopard Ramshorn snails



Dimensions: 38x19x22cm or 15x7.5x9" (15 liters) - Optiwhite
Lighting: Chihiros A-Series 21W
Filtration: Eheim 2211 (sponge, ceramic rings, Purigen)

3kg cylinder, Inline atomizer, 1 bps
DIY inline with Jager 25W
Substrate: JBL Manado
Hardscape: Redmoor wood, lava rocks
Fertilization: PPS pro, Easy carbo
Water parameters: Temp. 24'C, pH 6.7, KH 5, GH 8
Plants: Cryptocoryne tokinensis, Cryptocoryne parva 'Mini', Bucephalandra sp. 'Cherry', Bolbitis sp. 'Mini Guinea 2002', Microsorum sp. 'Dwarf narrow leaf', Eleocharis acicularis,, Fissidens fox, Fissidens Grandifrons var. Planiccaulis, Fissidens sp. 'Brasil', Phyllanthus fluitans, Bolbitis heteroclita 'Difformis', Riccardia chamedryfolia, Crepidomanes Sp. Calicut.
Fish/shrimps: Boraras brigittae, Neocaridina heteropoda var. "Yellow", Leopard ramshorn snails



Dimensions: 27x20x20cm or 11x8x8" (10 liters) - Optiwhite
Lighting: Chihiros C-Series C301 14W
Filtration: Eden 501 (sponge, ceramic rings, Purolite)
CO2: Pressurised 1bps thru glass/ceramic diffuser
Substrate: ADA Aquasoil Amazonia, Quartz sand
Hardscape: Glimmer wood rocks
Fertilization: PPS pro, Easy carbo
Water parameters: Temp. 23°C, pH 6.5, KH 3, GH 6, TDS 180
Plants: Fissidens sp. 'Philippines', Fissidens sp. 'Khao sok', Fissidens sp. 'Vietnam', Riccardia graeffei, Anubias sp. 'Pangolino', Crepidomanes sp. 'Calicut', Rotala sp. 'Wayanad', Rotala macrandra 'Mini Butterfly', Rotala sp.'Needle leaf', Hottonia palustris, Hemianthus sp. 'Amano pearl grass'
Fish/shrimps: Crystal Red shrimps, Ramshorn snails



Dimensions: 59x20x15cm - 17 liters or 4.5 gallons
Lighting: Chihiros RGB60
Filtration: Eden 501 (sponge, ceramic rings)
Pressurised 1 bubble every 3 seconds
Substrate: Pool filter sand, gravel 1-3mm, peat
Hardscape: Seiryu stones, Lava rocks
Flora: Riccardia chamedryfolia, Bucephalandra sp. 'Kedagang Mini type 3', Utricularia graminifolia, Eleocharis acicularis, Myriophyllum sp. 'Guyana'
Fauna: Sundadanio axelrodi 'Blue', Neocaridina davidi var. 'Blue Jelly', Clithon corona



Dimensions: 45x36x31cm or 18x14x12" - 50 liters
Lighting: Zetlight IOzean R100 - 70W
Filtration: Dennerle Scapers flow - 360l/h
5kg cylinder, glass diffuser, 3 bps
Substrate: ADA Aquasoil Amazonia, quartz sand
Hardscape: Glimmer wood rock
Fertilization: EI method, Easy carbo
Water parameters: Temp. 24'C, pH 6.8, KH 7, GH 9
Plants: Fissidens fox, Fissidens sp. 'Dwarf', Bucephalandra sp., Cryptocoryne parva 'Mini', Hemianthus glomeratus, Rotala sp. 'Mini type II', Rotala sp. 'Wayanad', Rotala boschii
Fish/invertebrates: Boraras maculata, Otocinclus affinis, Neocaridina Heteropoda var. Red, Leopard ramshorn snails

Wow! Beautiful work, @Bolbi !

All of the works you posted are on the small side yet you make them look HUGE! Well done!