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  1. puopg

    How long does your CO2 tank last?

    Hey all, just a curious question for everyone who uses CO2 and is achieving a minimum 1 point pH drop. For those of you who have larger tanks (like a 120p), about how long does a 10lb CO2 tank last you?
  2. S

    Co2 Reactor Help.

    I bought a 24inch "NA Advanced Co2 Reactor (Built-in Bypass Valve)" from NilocG for my 125g tank. I tried it with an external pump previously but wasn't able to get it working. I decided to give it another try with my fluval fx4 outflow. It was on for about 5 hours and ph only dropped .2 points...
  3. Art

    Question of the Day Optimizing your CO2?

    OK let's do this! You always hear advice from the more experienced folks, "You just need to dial-in your CO2". That sounds cool and, of course, it's true. However, what exactly does that mean?? So today's question of the day is, how (exactly) does one go about "dialing-in" the CO2 level for...
  4. ayman.roshdy

    Build Thread A high tech tank journey

    Based on a very comprehensive discussion here (The water change - how do you do them?) I decided to start working on a high tech tank based on the advice I received so far, I will use this thread as a journal to create a new high tech tank from scratch, all recommendations/advice are welcomed of...